Now Providing CR Systems for US Navy

Pensacola, FL based Virtual Media Integration, Ltd (VMI), has been awarded a contract valued at over eight million dollars over the next two years to provide VMI’s Digital CR units for deployment on naval vessels and at various Naval facilities to support the Naval Air Systems Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) groups. These systems will be used for inspection of Naval air craft as well as other critical Naval systems. VMI was awarded the contract following a comprehensive evaluation of the performance capabilities of available Industrial Digital CR Systems. The VMI 5100MS digital computed radiography system was selected based on its industry leading image quality and its rugged construction which allows it to perform under the severe conditions that may be present onboard a military vessel. In addition to its superior image quality and durability, the ease of operation of VMI’s STARRView system and VMI’s excellent past performance record on similar projects enabled VMI to be selected from among five major competitors.

The systems will enable the Naval Air Systems to perform detailed inspection of aircraft components utilizing x-ray exposure without the use of traditional x-ray film and the accompanying hazardous byproducts of x-ray film developing. In addition, the digital images make acquisition and interpretation of the radiograph images more efficient and more effective. The VMI systems also provide the military and civilian agencies with a safe and effective method of investigating and analyzing potential explosive devices and other unidentified threats.

Virtual Media Integration was established in 1994 to support the development of digital radiography software and hardware integration for the non-destructive testing industry. VMI was the first to create an NDT software solution specifically designed to satisfy the demanding requirements and specifications of the NDT industry. VMI’s STARR System, featuring STARRView diagnostic software, is unsurpassed in its use of intuitive diagnostic tools, image integrity and file format protection. It integrates with more NDT digital hardware solutions than any other diagnostic software on the market today.

Rugged Test Methods:

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