2017 NDTMA

Event Date: February 14-16

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Overview: VMI is hosting our annual breakfast at the NDTMA at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. VMI will be showing our latest innovative products and software developments.  


Mark Geist

VMI is excited to announce that our speaker is none other than Mark Geist! Please join us for breakfast and his talk Wednesday morning at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.



Mark “Oz" Geist shares powerful life and leadership lessons utilizing the facts portrayed in the NYT's best-selling book and movie, "13 Hours". 

Engaged in a firefight and out-manned, Mark and his team bravely battled all night for the safety of those they had been tasked to protect. Through teamwork and execution, Mark and others rebuffed multiple attacks and sustained many lives. Badly wounded and facing a final assault, Mark demanded of himself "get up or die". This choice required selfless service to the team and, ultimately, assisted in saving many lives.  

In this keynote, Mark shares his practical choices as a reference point for all in leadership and teamwork roles. 

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