Starrview 9.0

Starrview 9.0

STARRview 9.0 is the latest release of VMI’s proven DICONDE-compliant image processing software. Since 1994, the STARRview software platform has set the standard for industrial image acquisition, post processing, workflow optimization and file management.The new REVEAL filter represent the most advanced processing algorithms the optimize flaw detection across a range of applications


Starrview 9.0 - Specifications

Operating System:Windows 7, 64-Bit Minimum RAM:8 GB Hard Drive:500 GB RAID 1 Mirrored Processor:Intel Core i5 - 4430 @ 3.00 GHz CPU

Features & Benefits

Faster, more responsive operations (loading images, filters, etc)
Persistant Annotation Options
Built in Readersheet
DICONDE Compliant
Scan parameters are embedded in film (PMT Voltages, Laser Power, Serial Number, etc)
User Defined Filter Stacks (Presets)
Contrast to Noise Tools
Signal to Noise Tools
REVEAL Filter presets for enhanced use