Vidisco Flash

Vidisco Flash - Specifications

Imaging Area (mm):342 X 432 mm (~13.5 X 17”) Imaging Area Position:30 mm from bottom and sides Imager Size:466 X 488 X 25.5 mm Imager Weight:4.8 Kg (~10.6 lbs) Dynamic Range:16 bit (65,536 Grey Levels) Resolution:~3.5 lp/mm (also behind 3mm of steel) Pixel Pitch:144 µm Robust, Field Design:YES Battery Operation:Over 5 hours Battery Power Level Indication:ICU & Software Charge During Nonstop AC Operation:YES Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:YES

Features & Benefits

Flash X Pro
Excellent Penetration
16 bit Dynamic Range
Fully Battery Operated
Large-area and Thin