The All New


Introducing the first Computed Radiography system designed specifically for weld-quality radiography, the CR SwitchBlade. This new system packs VMI’s industry leading image resolution into an ultra-lightweight, compact, durable solution. The CR SwitchBlade scanning process has been designed to have Imaging Phosphor (IP) Plates fed face down, allowing for the solution to be deployed in a direct light environment. Utilizing an innovative magnetic track process, the SwitchBlade scans IP Plates without bending or manipulating the plates. Finally making true portable Computed Radiography imaging a reality.


Switchblade - Specifications

Pixel/Bit Depth:65536/16 bit source file Pixel Pitch:50μ ~ 200μ Throughput:Over 60 images per hour (4.5x10) Scanning Area:5” x 48” Scanning Area Weight:25 lbs (11.4kg) Dimensions:L12” x W12” x H18” Erase Method:Automatic, LED Light Source/Sensor Laser:Diode/PMT Interface:USB 2.0 Scanning Process:Single Flat Path, Magnetic Belt Network:DICOM / DICONDE Compliant Operating System:Windows 7, 64-Bit

Features & Benefits

Logarithmic Image Acquisition Process
Customizable Acquisition Settings

Compact and Portable Design
Allows for field transportation

Magnetic IP Plate Scanning Process
Magnetic Track Design
IP Plate fed face down
Supported feeding and retrieval trays

Superior IP Plate Protection
No bending of the IP Plate while being read and erased
Guaranteed to NEVER damage IP Plates

Flatbed Scanning Configuration
Allows for customized IP plate sizes