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The excellence of VMI support sets us apart from our competitors. VMI gives you 24-hour support, every day of the year, provided by a globally managed team. You can contact our NDT trained technical staff for one-to-one assistance by email or telephone at any time. No call centers here!

Not only do we back our products by providing exceptional support service, we can also support hardware from other vendors. So if you are having an issue and you can't get them to respond, call us!

We can support you on the phone, online, or onsite.

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We offer three levels of support. Contact us for more details.

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Film Digitizing Services
VMI is the proven industry leader in film digitization services for NDT. No one can match our capability, experience and quality. If your company has a film library full of aging, un-organized films that you are responsible for maintaining, let us take the mystery out of managing it. We can take thousands of square feet of storage space and put it all into a neat, compact, searchable digital format on CD or DVD. We can make storing and finding images fast and easy and will also extend the life of your images for another hundred years.

We digitize to all industry specifications including NUREG 1452 and ASME Section V mandatory appendices. VMI also has their own QA procedure that documents how the films are handled, stored, digitized and identified. This assures you and your customer of the fidelity of the resulting images. We have ASNT Certified Level III personnel to monitor and control the entire process. Our digitization personnel are all trained and experienced in the unique requirements for NDT film digitization and can digitize up to 3,000 films per day! We even document and store the digitizer calibration information as required providing further confidence that the resulting digital images are a faithful representation of the original radiographs.

Your new digital library will have a customized database designed to your specifications that will allow you to search and sort on any field in order to retrieve the proper image. The CD’s or DVD’s are all labeled and indexed for fast recovery of data. We can also keep a backup copy (or the primary copy) on our off-site storage server that you can access on demand. Just tell us what your requirements are and we can customize the entire system to meet your individual needs. If security is a concern, remember that VMI uses encrypted 16-bit technology to store your images. This eliminates any concern about image tampering giving you and your customer peace of mind. If portability is your goal, all images can be exported to virtually any known file format for use in word processing documents, presentations, e-mailing, etc. Need more info? Put the experts at VMI to work for you. The only problem you will have is deciding what to do with that empty warehouse.